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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Today Has Been A Very Good Day...

Despite the driving rain in both Nottingham and Derby, today has been a very interesting and enjoyable day. A little shopping this morning was much brightened by the three nice ( and not-too-shabby-looking) young men who wanted my number (no 1) wanted my email address (no2) and wanted to add me on Facebook (no 3). Made my day, that did - don't get chatted up that often at my age...

Anyway, on to the afternoon. Spent in the company of one Jimmy, AKA ReggiiMental. One of the nicest, most genuine people it has ever been my pleasure to meet. MPR Derby is his domain, and he showed me what it's all about...then promptly enrolled me as a contributor to the website ( after reading a little of my own little scribblings). Go have a little perusal, it's a worthwhile endeavour, and what we all should be doing for our own communities. The conversation flowed, a little tour of Derby followed...and then came The Deepest Cellar.

Which actually is a cellar. Such a small space, but bursting with creativity and music. Hard to believe all those wonderful sounds are laid down in there, that the brilliant Coming Around was made in there...but they are. I have a CD burned especially for me clutched in my grubby little mitts to prove it, with some very exclusive stuff on it. And I haven't stopped smiling since. I'm listening to it now, as I type...and it's brilliant! And I found out about Magic Red Box :)

So yeah, today has been one of those excellent days you only get once in a while.

Thanks Jimmy, I know you're a busy man so it was kind of you to spend some of your valuable time with me, I really appreciate it and thoroughly enjoyed your company!

Until next time,