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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New specs and another trip...

Well, I bit the bullet and pulled out an awful lot of my hard-earned for some new specs. Really needed them too...was as blind as a bat even with the old ones on!

Got some rather snazzy black and citrus frames (funnily enough black and citrus are Satsuma Elephants colours - quite unintentional choice, my subconcious must have made the descision for me lol)...have been told they make me look quite intellectual - don't believe that for a minute haha. See for's the sort of pic mothers use to frighten the apologies. :)

Anyway, I'll now be able to see everything that happens at Godiva Festival next weekend, my next foray out into the world of live music. Mr Matt Henshaw of Satsuma Elephants is playing there accompanied by Reggiimental, and MuthaFunk, on the Saturday afternoon around 5.25pm, in the Rhythm tent.

It is also my birthday weekend (don't ask, I'm not counting any more) - I'm spending most of my actual birthday travelling to Coventry on the Friday! So the next time I see Matt & Reggii, I'll be a year older...and it'll likely be the best birthday I've had in years!

If you happen to be going to Godiva, and fancy meeting up, let me know. I'm the friendly sort, and a bit of company would be nice :)

In the meantime, here's what Mr Henshaw has been up to of late, and a few vids of Satsuma Elephants, Censored, Matt & Reggiimental, some interviews and stuff, just to keep you going. Some really good vids there, (love the old Censored ones) enjoy watching/listening and leave him a message/like or two. We wouldn't want him to feel neglected, would we? :)

Enough of my rambling.

Get reading/watching.

See you at Godiva.